• How we work
  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Sales in China

We want to make your journey from idea to a running a company as easy and convenient as possible. We know from experience that many entrepreneurs have great ideas, but also that many get stuck on the road from idea to the first sale. There are many hurdles on the way that can make the progress come to a halt. We offer a helping hand in some of the most crucial of these areas. Based on your need we can help you with any of the following services: Prototyping, production, logistics and sales in China.


If you don’t have a prototype ready we will help you create one. Based on your idea or the drawings you provide we will use a have professional industrial designer to design a drawing that the factory can use for manufacturing. Based on your need we can also produce a physical prototype.

If you are also a designer who already have a detailed drawing, then we just do small modifications for the specific factory software.

We will devote ourselves to your needs and set up a unique plan together with you, so you know exactly what we are going to do.

We have close contacts with the industrial designer and a transparent working flow, to make the process efficient.

We know how significant your work is, and we will provide the best environment for your idea to grow.


You might be wondering how to find the right factory to produce your idea. In China there are many factories and it is difficult to know which ones are trustable, have good quality, and live up to all regulatory requirements. We have built up a network in China with factories we know fulfill these criteria. We aim to have long term relationship with these factories, so we care a lot about their culture, people and attitude.They take every project seriously and your satisfaction is important to them.

Quality and process reporting system.

We have a transparent platform for reporting system so our customers will know the whole progress of production and the deadline for each process.

Financing plan

We offer a couple of different ways of cooperation. For more information contact us at Dongjiao.karlsson@gmail.com.

Sourcing Plan

For a fixed price we will find the right factory for your product in China. Included in the price are the following steps:

• Finding a number of factories that are able to produce your product
• Check up that the factories fulfill regulatory demands of your product
• Quality control of the factory
• Price negotiations with at least 4 factories
• Visit to at least one of these factories
• Recommendation of the most suitable factory

The sourcing plan will result in a report and a recommendation of how you should continue with your production. You will get contact details to all the factories that we have had price negotiations with.


After the sourcing plan is done we offer you help with the production. This includes:
• Writing and signing a contract with the factory
• Monitoring of the production process
• Quality checking before shipping
• Shipping and logistics
• Long term production plan


We have the information from the whole international logistics. And we are going to choose the best transportation tool for your product help you to keep track on the whole process. And it is in the process report system which you can see where the products are at anytime.

Sales in China

China has biggest market as everyone knows. But which way is the best way to try your product in this huge market? It will cost a lot and take huge energy from you want to do the traditional sales in China. Fortunately, the competitive marketing helps Chinese people figure out well reputed ecommerce platform combined with the high efficient logistics is a very popular way to reach people and people enjoy the shopping online experience because it is very convenient and quality guaranteed. If clients need this, we are going to set up a transparent trading system on this platform and find out the right people to do it in China. The clients can see exactly the exchange of every product.