The trip from idea to business for entrepreneurs is no longer lonely, costly, risky and time consuming.

We are going to take care of your headaches and bring starters a fun journey to success.


Our prototyping team consists of professional and passionate people. They are working as freelancers but they devote more than 100% passion to visualize the new inventions. They come from different creative agencies and technical companies and gather here for helping out new start-ups. We share the same team value and work in a very efficient way.


We have team members working both in Sweden and China. This is convenient since it allows both personal communication with the customer and the factory. The factories we choose are not always the biggest ones, since the big factories only accepts big orders. This is usually not what start-ups need. The smaller factories are flexible, and have good quality. We choose only to work with factories that have a long experience and good reputation.


We have the information from all international logistic companies. We choose the best transportation way for your product and help you to keep track of the transportation process.

Sales in China

We know that many customers don’t want to miss the big market in China, but they feel that it is too difficult to enter the market. We can help you to set up a transparent selling system based on the most popular and suitable E-commerce platforms in China. In this way you can expand your market greatly, with a minimum of effort, and follow every exchange of your product conveniently seated in Sweden.